Thursday, October 15, 2015

The 1879 Zulu War: through the eyes of the Illustrated London News

By now you have finished reading the last book that I gave you... The Horns of the Buffalo and you are itching to get your teeth into the next exciting bit of literary drama.

Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill have put together an amazing collection of drawings all executed during 1879 by field artists working for the Illustrated London News and they have woven their tales of war around these images that so graphically took their news to the world at the time.

Amazon describes the book as follows:

The fascination of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 continues unabated. It was impassioned almost 40 years ago by the film Zulu, starring Stanley Baker and a yet-to-be-discovered Michael Caine. Zulu has been shown—and continues to be shown—on British television more than any other feature film. In the USA and elsewhere it has become a cult movie. Moreover, it created a near avalanche of books, articles, lectures, documentaries and websites that has come close to being an industry. But the basis of all this activity was, in fact, generated 120 years ago by the weekly magazines of Victorian England such as the Illustrated London News.

Although copies of the original magazines are much sought after and have become collectors’ items, the compilers have painstakingly acquired every issue pertaining to the conflict and, having extracted every report and illustration on the subject, have produced, with an index, and in chronological order, a unique record of the Anglo-Zulu War, albeit through the eyes of a colonial Victorian age.

This is a book that is in our collection and we often flick through its pages and have even been known to try and identify whether the terrain has changed much over the last 136 years and it is so amazing to see how solid the earth is and how unchanged the landscape that has not been corrupted by man and the march of time.

The book is unfortunately not available on Amazon but the authors Ron Lock and Peter Quantrill market their own books.

Ron Lock's email address  where you can contact him for any of his publications.

We hope that you enjoy the experience as much as we do.

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